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Very delicate with a hint of sweetness. Good with fish, pork,and light-meat game birds. Traditionally used in the pacific NW to smoke salmon.
Slight sweet but denser, fruity smoke flavor. Beef, poultyr, game birds, pork {particularly ham}. Goes with salmon.
Slight sweet, fruity smoke flavor. Good with all meats and seafood.
Mild and aromatic. Traditionally use in the NW for smoked salmon.
Grape Vine
Aromatic, similar to fruitwood. Good with most meat.
Pungent, smoky, bacon-like flavor. The most common wood use. Good for all smoking, especially pork and ribs.
Mildly smoky, somewhat sweet flavor. Good with pork, poultry, cheese, vegetable and small game birds.
Strong earthly flavor. Good with most meet, especially beef and most vegetables.
The flavor is milder and sweeter than hickory. Good with most meats.
Oak (White)
One of the most popular wood’s heavy smoke flavor. Good with red meat, pork, fish and heavy game.
Slight sweet, woodsy flavor. Good with most meat.
Slight sweet, woodsy flavor. Poultry, game birds and pork.
Similar to hickory, but not as strong. Try smoking with the shells as well. Good with most meats.
The flavor is milder and seethe hickory. Good with most meats.
Walnut (English)
Very heavy smoke flavor usually mixed with lighter woods like pecan or apple. Can be bitter if used alone. Good with red meats and game.


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