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Q: How much wood should I use while smoking meat?

A: We recommend only using 2-3 chunks, or 1-2 mini splits at a time depending on your cooker or smoker. This minimal amount will give you about 20-30 minutes of smoke time. Too much smoke and your meat will become bitter and sooty. You can adjust this according to the size of your cooker, and also the type and amount of meat you are smoking.

Q: How do I store and keep fruitwoods?

A: We recommend you store your fruitwoods in a cool damp place. Especially our peach and apricot woods. Keeping the wood in a refrigerator will help preserve moisture and natural sugar content. So when cooking, the smoke from the fruitwood gives the true fruitwood flavor to your meat.

Reminder: C.M. Fruitwoods chunks are used only to flavor your food, not cook with.

Also use lump charcoal for cooking. You will achieve better results and your box of fruit chunks will last you longer.


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