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About Us:

C.M. Firewood came about by the way of the owner Corey McGriff providing a service of lawn maintenance and tree service. Many customers would always inquire about getting quality firewood and cooking wood. Mr. McGriff saw this as an opportunity to satisfy a niche that was under served in his local area. There after came the birth of C.M. Firewood.

C.M. Firewood deals in the highest quality and by far the best selection of cooking woods, charcoal, decorative wood, and firewood in the country. We carry wood chunks, chips, cut and split wood. You can choose from peach, apple, apricot, cherry hickory, oak, pecan, ash, grapevine, and dozens of other varieties. We also sell natural lump charcoal.

We sell nationwide so you can order the best firewood and cooking wood products online and by telephone, at the best prices. Our wood is dried in approved kilns and seasoned for two years. So its ready to enhance the flavor of your grilled or smoked foods at home or in your business.

C.M. Firewood packages and ships to order. We send the customer exactly the wood products that they order. All orders are guaranteed. C.M. Firewood never substitutes in other unwanted or substandard wood products. C.M. Firewood supplies cooking woods to gourmet restaurants around the world.

We will exceed your expectations. C.M. Firewood accepts all major credit cards, money orders, and company checks.

















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